Premarital Counseling
Nicole Locorriere, AMFT

Read me your life story.

The best advice I’ve ever been given was from a creative writing professor in my undergrad years. In her tiny, barely legible blue cursive at the bottom of a paper where I’d bared my heart and soul she simply wrote:

“This character has no agency.”

Well, crap. The character was me. And my professor was totally right.

The version of myself in my story just let things happen to her. She worked out because her ex-boyfriend liked athletic girls (something she’d never be!). She left her dorm room door unlocked, hoping a friend would magically pop in and notice she was struggling. And you know what? The ending of this story was sad.

No one knew to come check on her. The boy didn’t come back to her. Spoiler alert to the author– the weight came back. Nothing stuck for this character because she wasn’t in control of the story of her own life. The side characters were.


Claim Your Agency

I used that feedback to take control of my story–claim my agency– and become a therapist. My years of training and experience are now at your disposal so you you can take control of your life stories.

For example, I see individuals who’ve written themselves as the villain because of a mental illness. I see couples and families whose stories are so riddled with problems they can no longer see the potential for a happy ending. Therapy teaches them that they can re-write it all.

Rewrite Your Story

There are infinite possible ways we could write the stories of our lives, but for reasons specific to each individual, we give more weight to certain experiences than others. If our stories become saturated with all the bad things that happen to us, we will start to act in ways that are consistent with that story.

I can help you expand your dominant story so it includes more positivity. So you can see your own life from a different perspective. By the time we’re finished, you will have a story that you truly love.


Being a marriage & family therapist doesn’t mean I only see couples and families! I can help individuals apply their social context to their internal struggles. 


I specialize in premarital therapy, meaning I’m very well-equipped to help couples thinking about marriage, or those who are undergoing other major shifts such as moving in, or bringing a new baby home. 


I am passionate about helping teenagers respectfully spread their wings. I can help your family adjust your boundaries and learn to communicate more effectively. 


Not ready to take the plunge into therapy? You may prefer my online courses on Teachable.

They are a go-at-your own-pace way to learn about topics we’d cover in therapy.

Spill The Tea in Therapy

Spill The Tea in Therapy bags are here to help you fight the stigma against mental health care. You get a stylish, durable canvas tote bag, and society gets better access to therapy. 25% of the proceeds from your purchase will go to an organization called To Write Love On Her Arms, which funds therapy for those in need.