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I have recently joined Mountainside Counseling Center as a new consultant!

I am working closely with the practice owner, Chuck, who specializes in treating people  recovering from addiction, as well as their partners and family members. Together we can offer a full range of services for people/families in recovery as well as adolescents and adults with other presenting problems, such as depression or anxiety, relationship distress, or family dysfunction.

To make an appointment, click the button below to register with our client portal. You can also call the practice at (908) 274-3189 or me directly at (908) 271- 8547



My Hours:

5pm-8pm Mon-Thurs

8am-12pm Sat


608 Sherwood Parkway

Mountainside, NJ 07092

Practice Phone:

(908) 274-3189

Practice Email:


Flexible evening and Saturday hours assure that you’ll be able to attend therapy after work, or bring family members who have school or work during the day.

Couples sessions at Mountainside Counseling Center are 90 minutes long rather than a standard 45 minute hour.

Our online booking and reminder systems make sure it’s as easy as possible to book appointments and keep track of them. We don’t want you to have to pay for missed sessions!

We use evidence-based interventions and are trained in The Gottman Method and RLT, two widely accepted methodologies for treating couples.

Depending on your goals, therapy can be finished in months or years– it’s all at your own pace. We don’t rush you to talk about anything you’re not comfortable with, and we don’t dwell on the past unless it’s relevant to healing.